Knitting with Handspun

I’ve been making handspun yarn for a few years, and have now made enough to stock a shop!!

Knitting with handspun I find special, the unique nature of each skein, many one of a kind, because even the same fibre can be spun in a multitude of different ways.  And then, when multiple skeins start to coordinate, the possibilities of what to knit/crochet become endless…

Handspun HatI spin for a single ply yarn, my favorite weights are Sport, DK to Worsted.  I like the simplicity of the single ply handspun, how the colors, and texture of the yarn come through in its single strand.


1796713_272244536268647_2010453893_oSo far, I’ve knit several hats, started on my mittens (thumbless because I’m afraid to knit thumbs, that’s a whole other story!!) and I’m almost done my ‘go to’ cardigan pattern, Less is More, by Amy Boogie using a gradient of different skeins of handspun.

You can use handspun yarn as a gorgeous complement to a base color.  I’d like to knit a pullover with a handspun yoke, and deep black base yarn (such as Indulgent DK, or Zed MCN Worsted).



handspun SG fibreI’d love to knit each of these mini skeins (1 ounce each, 50-75 yards) into fingerless (and need I say, thumbless) gloves.  I could wear a different one on each hand, every day!!!

With less than 4 ounces of fibre, you can make a hat or two, mittens with thumbs! Cowls are the perfect pattern for handspun. Some handspun can be drapey, especially when it has silk in it – other handspun is true and true wool, from the softest to the hairiest!!

If you haven’t tried knitting with handspun, it’s something I would add to your repertoire.  If you have, I’d love to see/hear about what you made!  Do you know someone who spins their own yarn?

Over time I will be adding lots of handspun to the shop, and look forward to focusing on spinning more natural fibres – single ply handspun in Merino, BFL/Silk, Camel, Alpaca, and whatever other fibres I can get my hands on!!


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